Statement of the International Migrants’ Alliance – Europe Section against the arbitrary arrests of members of the Confederation of Turkish Workers in Europe (ATIK)
The International Migrants’Alliance Europe section strongly denounces the arbitrary and unlawful arrests of  12 activists and members of theConfederation of Turkish Workers in Europe (ATIK) in Germany, Greece, France and Switzerland last April 15.

The unlawful searches and arrests violate their civil and human rights and a spit on the tenets of the European Charter on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws.

That Germany, France, Greece and Switzerland, states that supposedly proclaim to lead the EU in protecting and safeguarding human rights, have committed these unlawful searches and arrests, is an expose’ of their hypocrisy in applying human rights.

We join the call for the immediate release of all those arrested and detained, a stop to the harassment and intimidation of political, human rights and migrant activists, and a stop to the criminalization of migrants and political refugees.

Long live international solidarity!

International MIGRANTS’ Alliance (Europe section)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Postbus 15687, 1001 ND Amsterdam

April 20, 2015