Sunday, September 19, 2021

Press release

The European Parliament resolution assured us of their constant monitoring; giving us hope to continue denouncing the despotic President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Likewise, our continued vigilance, protests and fora; allowing even representatives from the international bodies, from the UN and among the members of the European Parliament are positively amplifying our calls from the ground—from the END of State Terrorism, thru Justice for All, and ultimately OUST Duterte.
Several international solidarity organizations in Europe paid their last respects to former peace consultant Randall Echanis and added their voices of condemnation to his brutal murder in an online “parangal” (tribute) and protest rally held last Sunday,...
This online forum protest with coordinated outdoor demonstrations from various Filipino mass organizations in Europe, as also participated by the relevant voices of migrant Filipinos and foreign allies sharing the common call: OUST Duterte, amplifies the cry...
This is not a complete turn-around of the Duterte pronouncement last January 21, 2020, when he directly spoke of terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States, but rather just part of a melodramatic propaganda of Duterte.
The action of Duterte certifying the urgency of the enacted Anti-Terrorism Bill (House Bill 6875) is endorsing a highly abusive law at the pretext of national security and for people’s welfare. This is a simple legalization of the government’s violent and bloody attacks on peoples’ organizations and its leaders, activists, critics, and other Filipino citizens.
Our network of organizations in Europe condemn this malicious red-tagging of our allied organizations, fellow activists, and members of the red-tagged groups! We are not terrorists! The Duterte Government is! The AFP-PNP tandem is the one terrorizing our organizers and leaders in the communities, with threats and deaths! You are the terrorists in military clothing!
We need to call on policy-makers to ensure that during this pandemic, vulnerable communities of migrants, refugees and displaced people are protected and afforded social and welfare assistance in recognition of their sacrifices and contribution towards alleviating the current global health crisis. Grant Full Citizenship Rights & Regularization for all Migrants & Refugees in Europe NOW! Sign our Petition! Full Citizenship Rights For All Migrants And Refugees In Europe! Public Health For All! And Not For Private Profit!
Please sign and share our Petition.
The Duterte Government employed military solution, instead of the medical approach to the crisis. Thus, our consistent call for the crisis resounds—Solusyong Medikal, Hindi Solusyong Militar!
Press Statement 01 May 2020 For today’s commemoration of International Labor Day, Migrante Europe joins the Global Kalampagan to hold President Duterte and his corrupt government accountable for the heartlessness and brutal response in this time of the pandemic. We are outraged...