Migrante Europe stages a protest to junk the Terror Bill

Representatives from different member organizations of Migrante Europe delivered their statements during the protest. The speakers were Jun Saturay from Migrante Den Haag, Helen Rios from Gabriela UK, Edna from Anakbayan Europe, and Father Aris Miranda from Promotion of Church Peoples Respone – Europe (PCPR-EU).

The April 28 Coalition focuses on Refugees and their situations on...

This protest is a continuation of the series of actions as the Coalitions continue to call for the granting of full citizenship rights for all migrants, refugees and displaced peoples among other things.

Interconnected: Anti-Terror Law fueled by the U.S.-Duterte Fascist War on Filipinos

This Anti-Terror Law is part and parcel of the U.S.-Duterte fascist dictatorship, in their own words “The United States is a proud ally of the Philippines and will continue to provide whole-of-government support and assistance to Philippine counterterrorism efforts as we work together to address shared threats to the peace and security of both of our countries.”


Support human rights in the Philippines with Altromercato

Sign this appeal in order to ensure that the forty-two peaceful Human Rights activists will be cleared, thus permitting them to go back to their work, their duties and their commitments to Human Rights.

Grant Full Citizenship Rights & Regularization for all Migrants & Refugees...

We need to call on policy-makers to ensure that during this pandemic, vulnerable communities of migrants, refugees and displaced people are protected and afforded social and welfare assistance in recognition of their sacrifices and contribution towards alleviating the current global health crisis. Grant Full Citizenship Rights & Regularization for all Migrants & Refugees in Europe NOW! Sign our Petition! Full Citizenship Rights For All Migrants And Refugees In Europe! Public Health For All! And Not For Private Profit!

Video: 'UK Migrants feel like second class citizens' | Owen Jones goes to One Day Without Us


On the 13th of October, a large-scale European police operation starts that targets undocumented migrants.


Tulfo OFW proposal, heartless

Migrante International condemns Sen. Raffy Tulfo’s proposal that the government deny legal support to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are facing cases...