aquino-resign-nowNoynoy Resign Now!

The Ugnayang Pilipino sa Belgium (UPB) forms part of the more than 10 million Filipino migrants around the globe trying to earn by all means to support their families in the Philippines. Any calamity back home be it natural or man-made affecting our families add pain to us.

The recent 44 SAFs and civilian victims of the Mamasapano incident brought pain and financial strains to the families and relatives of those victims abroad because they were obliged to send home money just for the funeral of their loved ones.

The disastrous response of the government to the victims of natural calamities like supertyphoonYolanda disheartened many of us migrants in spite of the goodwill of many individuals, groups and humanitarian agencies from abroad to help.

In such situations, we expect our national government led by the president to do more than just offering lip service.

As migrants, we see that our government is intensifying the labor export policy through the state-run Housemaids Academy in Manila that schools tens of thousands of house cleaners, chauffeurs, mechanics, gardeners and other peons every year with the intention of sending them for a long-term service abroad.

This only sends us the message that our government leaders looks only the easy way to ease economic problems and unemployment but when these migrants encounter problems in their host countries, our government leaders often shun any responsibility.

This time the multi-sectoral people’s movement in the Philippines is calling on President Benigno Aquino III to resign and the creation of a People’s Council for National Unity, Reforms and Peace to lead a transition government. We are convinced that President Aquino should resign!

We believe in the creation of a People’s Council! We know that in a year’s time, a national election is going to be conducted and we are sure that political dynasties, money, goons and flawed automated electoral system will decide our fate as a people, much more of our families at home.

Together, we stand with the call for Aquino’s resignation!
Together, we push for the creation of a People’s Council for National Unity, Reforms and Peace!

In unity with the Philippine Multi-Sectorial mobilizations,

Ugnayang Pilipino sa Belgium (UPB)
Email: [email protected]