Migrante-Europe joins the Filipino people in remembering today the Proclamation of Philippine Independence 122 years ago by collectively asserting the freedom to assembly, freedom of expression; the rights to social and health care and job security; and the freedom from hunger, fear and terror in the midst of pandemic.

The Philippines is once again at a turning point of history. The silence of the Philippine government officials on issues concerning China in the West Philippine Sea and the temporary stoppage in implementation of termination of Visiting Forces Agreement between the United States of America and the Philippines are contradictory to the principles of our national heroes who fought and died for our national freedom and sovereignty. Migrante-Europe will struggle together with various sectors of our society to oppose the subjugation of our nation and its people to foreign powers in our own country!

The Philippine government’s approach against the spread of COVID19 has become the world’s longest lockdown that was strictly and unequally implemented against the poor majority-many of whom were arrested and jailed while helping others and demanding the promised government food and financial assistance, compared to those violators of quarantine guidelines and health protocols who are in the powers-that-be, where the law is replaced by compassion and padrino-system. Migrante-Europe together with the oppressed and deprived will not allow that our nation and its people perpetually ruled by the economically and politically privileged-few!

While around the globe the medical and health professionals are trying hard to find treatment and vaccine to the unseen enemy, the real enemy of the Filipino people was unmasked in the House of Representatives and the Senate with the passing of the Anti-Terror Bill in a very urgent manner as requested by the President. When enacted into law, this jurisprudence shall become a weapon of the Duterte government to instill fear and terror to the people demanding public accountability. With this law in effect, the people struggling for land, food, jobs and housing; basic social services and democratic rights; national sovereignty and territorial integrity shall become easy target of persecution. Civil rights shall be trampled as dissent and assertion of rights shall be deemed as terrorist activity and mere suspicion of being terrorist will be the basis for 14 days plus 10 days of detention without being charged in court. Migrante-Europe together with various democratic and people’s organizations will strongly oppose that the military becomes supreme over civilian authority!

Indeed, the Philippines is once again in the turning point of history and Migrante-Europe will actively participate in the struggle of the Filipino people to regain its freedom and democratic rights.

Marlon Lacsamana
General Secretary
June 12, 2020

[email protected]