1 October 2014

The International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA) – Europe, sends its most militant greetings and solidarity with our comrades in struggle in the Voice Refugee Forum of Germany, as they celebrate their 20 years of tirelessly fighting for the rights of refugees in Germany and against racism, discrimination, human rights violations, fascism and corporate totalitarianism.
The events and activities around the anniversary theme “Unite against Deportation and against Social Exclusion in Germany” are a continuing testimony to the organization’s steel determination, humanitarian vision, deep respect for human dignity and appreciation for the political empowerment of the exploited and oppressed.

It has been an absolute privilege for the IMA-Europe to have worked with and cooperated with the Voice Refugee Forum of Germany. That solidarity has provided the IMA-Europe with a deeper grasp and appreciation of the bigger social, economic and political realities engulfing the lives of the so-called uprooted people – the basic reality not only of struggling for migrant rights in countries of the diaspora, but also and more importantly, the struggle for genuine freedom, democracy, social justice, development and peace in the migrants’ home countries.

The Voice Refugee Forum of Germany provided the IMA-Europe the opportunity to touch base with the human beings forced out of their homes and countries because of political reasons, which under present conditions are driven by aggression instigated by advanced capitalist and racist coutries of the west in their selfish lust to exploit and plunder the people and resources of the planet.

The plight of the refugees, has clearly delineated and spelled out to those in the thick of the struggle for migrant rights, the parallelisms in the global migration and the very same endresults that both refugees and migrants find themselves in – violations of their human rights, the same poverty and misery, exploitation and oppression in places where they have been forced to seek refuge and to migrate. And yet, bourgeois-defined international laws do not reflect reality on the ground by making cruel distinctions between refugees and migrants, and treat them according to those definitions.

Indeed, the unity that binds together the refugees represented by the Voice Refugee Forum of Germany and the migrants represented by the International Migrants Alliance, is the struggle for comprehensive social change, an end to racism and discrimination, and building a world without exploitation and oppression.

That solidarity will be further fleshed out as we persevere and stand firmly determined in our resistance struggles and in forging ahead in strengthening the international progressive movement of migrants and refugees. As part of the progressive movement of migrants and refugees, it is both a challenge and a task for all of us to forge a higher unity and solidarity as we confront political persecution, economic exploitation, social exclusion, and opppression.

Together, we shall be able to strengthen our solidarity, forge ahead, gain greater victories in our struggles, and achieve a world we all dream of – a world abounding with genuine equality, social justice, economic bounty, and lasting peace!

Long live the Voice Refugee Forum of Germany on its 20 years of struggle and resistance!
Long live international solidarity!
Long live the progressive movement of Migrants and Refugees!

Luz Miriam Jaramillo
Chair, International Migrants Alliance-Europe chapter
IMA-International Coordinating Body member

Grace Punongbayan
Migrante Europe
Secretary-General, IMA-Europe chapter
IMA-International Coordinating Body member