Press Release

Several member organizations of the newly-launched Migrante Europe Alliance held meaningful activities to celebrate International Migrants’ Day (IMD) last December 18.

In Denmark, leaders of Migrante Denmark spoke at the event of the FIF-Filippinsk Integration Forening. They shared the launching of the Migrante Europe alliance. Filipino au pairs also joined the celebration of IMD during their annual Christmas party in Copenhagen.

In the Netherlands, migrant organizations celebrated IMD by holding an information forum on the “C-189” campaign (Domestic Workers’ Convention) in Amsterdam last December 18. Among the participating organizations were Migrante Netherlands Amsterdam, Migrante Netherlands den Haag, MKSP, Pinay sa Holland, 3K, Alliance for the Human Rights of the Undocumented, Dutch labor union FNV, Otradela Trabajadores Domesticos (group of workers from South America), Indonesian Migrant Worker’s Union, African Group and Dutch advocates such as Paperless and Stichting LOS.

In Rome, the Christmas party of Umangat-Migrante Rome became a forum to discuss the labor export policy and the situation of migrants. They also conducted photo-ops.

Other Migrante organizations in other countries also conducted photo-ops to show their solidarity with all other migrants during the IMD.

Meanwhile, Migrante Europe has announced the launching of its website (, which was developed during the assembly of Migrante Europe in Rome last December 10. The site contains updates not only on the events, activities and campaigns of the alliance, but also urgent issues affecting Filipino and other migrants in Europe.#