Solidarity message from MIGRANTE – Japan

We, in MIGRANTE Japan extend our warmest solidarity greetings to all member organizations of MIGRANTE Europe on the occasion of its 2nd Congress on December 8, 2019.

In your congress theme, “Broaden and strengthen the ranks, defend the collective gains and advance the struggle for the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and their families”, it aptly sets the urgent call to continue arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broadest number of patriotic Filipino compatriots throughout Europe for the defense and advancement of their legitimate rights and interests. It inspires us knowing that on your side of the globe, there is MIGRANTE Europe at the frontline of the struggle of Filipino migrants and their families.  

Currently, millions of our compatriots abroad are beleaguered with anti-migrant policies that treat them like disposable commodities and without respect for basic human rights. Worse, the Philippine government which is mandated to protect us against any form of abuse and exploitation has extended its assault to progressive Filipino compatriots abroad who are working for the defense of their rights and the Motherland. They too have become victims of the vilification campaigns of the tyrannical regime of president Duterte and have been red-tagged as terrorists. All these pose great challenge to all patriotic Filipino compatriots around the world. 

But we cannot be cowed by a tyrant. Our noble task of championing the cause of Filipino migrants and their families is legitimate, and it is valid. Amid all the attacks against us, we should be proud knowing that the strength and widening movement of progressive migrant Filipinos around the world is continuously growing. And the holding our your 2nd congress is a clear testament to this.

MIGRANTE Europe stands as the moving force among overseas Filipinos and their families in that part of the globe. We are very sure that your 2nd congress will fire you up even more to struggle vigorously for your rights and welfare as part of the national democratic struggle of the Filipino people for social justice, national freedom, sovereignty and democracy. 

Continue to inspire millions of migrants around the world! Carry on the noble task of liberating our people against the onslaught of the US-Duterte dictatorship! 

Mabuhay ang MIGRANTE Europe!
Mabuhay ang migranteng Pilipino saan mang panig ng mundo!