Migrante Europe today expressed optimism on the resolution of the roots of the armed conflict in the Philippines, after the 4th Round of formal peace talks between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) was concluded on an upbeat note on 6 April, in the seaside town of Noordwijk, in the Netherlands.
Press Statement Migrante Europe today expressed strong disapproval on the announcement of state-run Social Security System to impose mandatory membership and membership payments of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). SSS president and chief executive Emmanuel F. Dooc made the announcement last weekend,...
The Nagkakaisang Filipino sa Pransya (United Filipino in France) and Migrante Europe express our warmest greetings of solidarity to the organisers and participants to the March 19 event as we join the growing voice of oppressed and exploited and its defenders and advocates calling for Justice and Dignity for all.

Migrante Europe and its members across Europe will organize protest actions and pickets to call for justice and clemency for Jennifer Dalquez and for all unjustly jailed Filipinos around the globe, particularly in the Middle East.
Today, March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, we unite with millions of women all over the regions, we boldly say NO to imperialism and fascism. We share with all oppressed women and women rights advocates to rise and strike to end centuries-old oppression and exploitation.
With the government accumulated PhP5 billion from unreimbursed terminal fees, about PhP19 billion for the OWWA fund, and US$28 billion a year from the remittances of Filipino migrant workers, we have high hopes that these amounts will be translated into more concrete programs and services for the benefit of OFWs.
With a comprehensive peace agreement, we all stand to gain. The foremost concern of both parties in the peace negotiations is the interest of the Filipino people to address the roots of poverty and achieve a just and lasting peace. For it is the welfare of the poor Filipinos, in their millions, that is at the core of the peace negotiations.
Millions of migrant Filipinos in Europe and their relatives in the Philippines campaigned for you, voted for you, and many among us continue to support you because you promised us "genuine change". Having been forced to leave our loved ones and the country in order to work abroad, we have an acute sense of the need for such change in our country.
Press Statement | February 16, 2017 Leaders of Migrante Europe held a dialogue with Secretary Silvestre Bello III (Department of Labor and Employment, DOLE) and Dr. Jun Cruz, Director of OWWA in Holiday Inn, EUR Parco Dei Medici, Rome last...
Press Statement On re-arrest of NDFP peace consultants and termination of JASIG February 9, 2017 “We strongly condemn the re-arrest of NDFP Peace Consultant Ariel Arbitario, by the Armed Forces of the Philippines on, February 7, 2017. This happen right after after...